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About Us - Fireworks in the Poconos - The Fireworks Superstore
The Fireworks Superstore – Fireworks in the Poconos

The Fireworks Superstore is Fireworks in the Poconos, personified.

How much do Fireworks in the Poconos mean to us? Everything. This is who we are.

We’re here to HELP.

We’re here to help make your next celebration ring out with a bang!

With three stores across the Pocono, Pennsylvania area, you can visit us in our Tannersville, Blakeslee and Brodheadsville locations! Speak with one of our Firework Specialists and browse our large and ever-growing selection of firework products!

NO Pressure. NO Commissions.

We’re not here to sell you the biggest, baddest thing we have (unless that’s what you’ve come for!) Unlike some seasonal firework businesses, our people do not make more for selling you things you don’t need, nor are they pressured to do so. Our staff take the time to ask the right questions – we provide sound advice, education and product recommendations based on your experience level, venue and other factors – to ensure safety and fun for everyone!

We believe in being HONEST.

That means we don’t charge you twice as much like the other guys do, and pretend to give you a second one for free. It may not happen as often in our stores, but if we offer an item as Buy One, Get One Free, it’s because the second one IS free. We offer our products at competitive prices, and hold frequent sale events and savings throughout the year!

Speaking of throughout the year…

We are open YEAR ROUND.

That’s right! As a year round firework store, you can be sure of a few things:

  • Experience – Our staff are trained to be your advocate. Fireworks are what we donot just in the summer, not just in July, not just on holidaysevery day.

  • Product quality and reliability is something we take seriously – We are not a roadside operation, hastily packing and unpacking fireworks in pop-up tents at your local big box store. We receive shipments year round that are handled and stored with care to ensure our products perform – and are as safe – as the day they were made.

  • Support. You can always reach us – Any month, any day – drop us a line. No need to schedule a special time for us to open up – just stop in during our store hours. We’re here to answer your questions, help plan your next display, hear your stories and are happy to share some of our own!

We build Relationships.

Our customers remember us, and we remember them. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time firework user, an experienced hobbyist, or a professional pyro. We take pride in getting to know our visitors, and for them to know us. We graciously accept all types of feedback so that we may better serve everyone!

Experience the difference of Fireworks in the Poconos and come visit us at The Fireworks Superstore!

Stop in today!