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Have a question? Check out our most commonly fielded questions regarding the storage, use, safety and other firework related inquiries in this collection of Fireworks Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you sell M-80’s?

No, we do not sell M-80’s.

We are asked about these and other highly explosive items quite often. They have gone by many names, such as “quarter stick”, “cherry bomb”, “M-80”, “M-100”, “silver salute”, “pineapple”“ash can” etc.

These items are extremely dangerous, and federally illegal.

We not carry any of these items, nor will we direct you to a place to find them. If you are looking for such items, please consider a legal substitute that provides a similar noise or visual effect that does not assume the dangerous nature or legal repercussions.

For more info on Firework Safety and Security, check out our Fireworks Safety Page and this ATF Page.

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Are Fireworks Legal for PA Residents?

YES! New law was adopted in Pennsylvania in October 2017, permitting the use of Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) in the PA. This made fireworks LEGAL FOR PA RESIDENTS to purchase Fireworks products! The new law allows firework fans from all states to purchase our products without hassle!

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Visit our Laws Page and Pennsylvania Fireworks Law Post, and the PA State Police FAQ Page for more details on the new legislation!

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Are fireworks safe in my car?

Are Fireworks Safe In My Car

In the transportation and storage of fireworks, two guidelines or best practices come to mind.

#1: Do not transport or store fireworks where they can be subject to an open flame or flame producing devices.

This may sound obvious, but we still need to say it. We are often asked about the safety of “hot car trunks”, however, this should pose no harm to you or the fireworks.

#2: Do not transport or store fireworks where they can be subjected to water or moisture.

Another obvious statement, but there is a little more to consider here regarding storage. Basements, attics, and garages tend to top the list of common storage areas, however, they may have fluctuations in their temperature and humidity. Keep in mind that when the temperature of a cool space increases rapidly, moisture may occur. Plan accordingly to ensure that your products don’t fall prey to rapid changes like this!

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For more helpful tips, be sure to visit our Transporting Page!

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