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Pro Canister Shells

Each kit contains 4 HDPE mortars and 24 different max load 60 gram canister shells. Each shell is labelled with the effect. Contains Lemon Peony, Pink Peony, Blue Peony, Orange Peony, Grass Green Peony, Purple Peony, Brocade Crown with Green Glittering, Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum, Brocade to Blue, Red Dahlia with White Glittering, Multi-color Peony with Crackle and Jumbo Crackling.

14″ Morning Glory

14" Morning Glory - Long burning flitter sparkler that burns with many colors with a torch-like effect.

300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery - Loud whistles in the air ending with a large report.

Battle on Mulberry St

Battle on Mulberry St - 16 loud shots of alternating red, green, yellow, and blue with glitter with a 3 shot finale of gold crossettes and loud crackle. Heavy reports.

Friend of Ours

Friend of Ours - 12 shots of vibrant yellow transform to red, green and blue. Then 8 shots of purple stars and scatter crackle, ending with crackling tails and yellow stars.

Little Italy

Little Italy - 16 shots. Red peony with red tail, silver peony with silver tail, blue peony with blue tail.

Machine Gun

Machine Gun - A great hard hitting loud 9 shot cake. 2 inch shots of red wave, green glitter, blue peony, and red, white, and blue peony.


Made - 16 loud shots of alternating green and red bursts with silver crossettes and green and blue bursts with silver crossettes. Ends in a 3 shot finale of green, red, and blue with delayed intense crackling. Heavy reports.

My Little Friend

My Little Friend - 16 shots of strobing tails to gold chrysanthemum with multi-colored tips and a 4 shot finale.

On the Lamb

On the Lamb - 20 shots of crackling chrysanthemum flood the sky repeatedly.

Paulie 2 Times

Paulie 2 Times - Golden tail to red coconut, then gold to green coconut. Repeated 8 times.

The Heist

The Heist - 16 huge shots of red, green, and blue with delayed heavy crackling ending in a quickened finale.

The Hit

The Hit - Red and green palm with white strobe, brocade crown with blue stars and white glittering, and two stages big silver chrysanthemum.


Wacked - 16 loud shots of multiple effects. Gold crossettes; blue, green and red, crackling, with a 3 shot quickened finale. This cake has it all. Heavy reports