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Blue Smoke

All Blue smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Pink Smoke

All Pink smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Big Fire

Big Fire - These small packets are used on campfires. When applied, your fires burns in various cool colors!

Big Smoke Grenade

Big Smoke Grenade - Jumbo smoke grenade that changes colors! Just pull the string and this grenade will get started.

Ice Fountains

Ice Fountains - Smokeless fountain sparklers, perfect as cake sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers.

10 Ball Neon Roman Candles

Neon Roman Candles - Shoots 10 colorful neon balls.

Perfect Fuse

Perfect Fuse - Fuse used to create delays in the rate of firing multiple fireworks links together. Burns 10 seconds per foot.

Quick Fuse

Quick Fuse - Fuse used to fire multiple fireworks simultaneously. Burns .04 seconds per foot (instant).

Sky Lantern White

Sky Lantern White - All-in-one lanterns in traditional white. Just unfold, light and watch them float away.