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Firecracker 16000 Roll

Firecracker 16000 Roll - 1600 Matt of Firecrackers lasting approx. 44 minutes.

Firecracker 20/100 Brick

Firecracker 20/100 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 20 strips of 100 firecrackers.

Firecracker 200 Strip

Firecracker 200 Strip - Strip of 200 firecrackers.

Firecracker 40/16 1/2 Brick

Firecracker 40/16 1/2 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 40 strips of 16 firecrackers.

Firecracker 40/50 Brick

Firecracker 40/50 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 40 strips of 50 firecrackers.

Firecracker 50 Strip

Firecracker 50 Strip - Strip of 50 firecrackers.

Firecracker 80/16 Brick

Firecracker 80/16 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 80 strips of 16 firecrackers.

Firecracker Double Bombs #10000

Firecracker Double Bombs #10000 - Two string rolls of 2500 firecrackers for a total of 5000 firecrackers!

Firecracker One

Firecracker One - Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's the one and only Firecracker One. Emits multi-colored pearls out of the back engine, rolls forward and then leaves the ground as reaches its phenomenal crackle finale with a three stage whistle.

Firecracker Pack

Firecracker Pack - Pack of 16 firecrackers.

Firetruck w/ Ladder

Firetruck w/ Ladder - Rolls across the ground while sending multi-colored showers of sparks in all directions. If the variety of colors were not enough, this device also contains a loud combination of crackle and a three stage whistle in the finale.

Fly Piggy!

Fly Piggy! - Spins fast on the ground with a red glow then shoots up into the air while glowing green.

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets - 200 Feet in air, is made to mimic butterflies, has different colors and dancing effects.

Garden in Spring

Garden in Spring - Starts as a multi-colored fountain, ending with 7 color bursts.

Glitterious Lights Rockets

Glitterious Lights Rockets - 200 Feet strobes and lights flashing with a glitter effect.

Great Night Extravaganza

Great Night Extravaganza - This large assortment includes everything you will need for a good time. From novelty items for the kids all the way to artillery shells for that big bang everyone loves, the Great Night Extravaganza will be a sure crowd pleaser.


Jaw-Breaker - 12 Shots of bright yellow that morph into red, blue & green, followed by 8 shots of purple stars and scatter crackling with a finale of scatter crackle, yellow stars and crackling tails.

Jumbo Crackling Balls

Jumbo Crackling Balls - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumbo Smoke Cartridge

Jumbo Smoke Cartridge - Large colored smoke cartidges.

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip)

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip) - Spin rapidly and emit red and green sparks.


Kaleidoscope - 8 Multi-colored shot

Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs - The lady bug takes flight and emits an array of color as it disappears in the sky.

Magic Crystal

Magic Crystal - Spins on the ground with sparks then launches into the air giving off silver sparks while screeching.