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Firecracker 20/100 Brick

Firecracker 20/100 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 20 strips of 100 firecrackers.

Firecracker 200 Strip

Firecracker 200 Strip - Strip of 200 firecrackers.

Firecracker 40/16 1/2 Brick

Firecracker 40/16 1/2 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 40 strips of 16 firecrackers.

Firecracker 40/50 Brick

Firecracker 40/50 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 40 strips of 50 firecrackers.

Firecracker 50 Strip

Firecracker 50 Strip - Strip of 50 firecrackers.

Firecracker 80/16 Brick

Firecracker 80/16 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 80 strips of 16 firecrackers.

Firecracker Double Bombs #10000

Firecracker Double Bombs #10000 - Two string rolls of 2500 firecrackers for a total of 5000 firecrackers!

Firecracker One

Firecracker One - Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's the one and only Firecracker One. Emits multi-colored pearls out of the back engine, rolls forward and then leaves the ground as reaches its phenomenal crackle finale with a three stage whistle.

Firecracker Pack

Firecracker Pack - Pack of 16 firecrackers.

Firetruck w/ Ladder

Firetruck w/ Ladder - Rolls across the ground while sending multi-colored showers of sparks in all directions. If the variety of colors were not enough, this device also contains a loud combination of crackle and a three stage whistle in the finale.

Fly Piggy!

Fly Piggy! - Spins fast on the ground with a red glow then shoots up into the air while glowing green.

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets - 200 Feet in air, is made to mimic butterflies, has different colors and dancing effects.

Garden in Spring

Garden in Spring - Starts as a multi-colored fountain, ending with 7 color bursts.

Glitterious Lights Rockets

Glitterious Lights Rockets - 200 Feet strobes and lights flashing with a glitter effect.

Great Night Extravaganza

Great Night Extravaganza - This large assortment includes everything you will need for a good time. From novelty items for the kids all the way to artillery shells for that big bang everyone loves, the Great Night Extravaganza will be a sure crowd pleaser.


Jaw-Breaker - 12 Shots of bright yellow that morph into red, blue & green, followed by 8 shots of purple stars and scatter crackling with a finale of scatter crackle, yellow stars and crackling tails.

Jumbo Crackling Balls

Jumbo Crackling Balls - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumbo Smoke Cartridge

Jumbo Smoke Cartridge - Large colored smoke cartidges.

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip)

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip) - Spin rapidly and emit red and green sparks.


Kaleidoscope - 8 Multi-colored shot

Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs - The lady bug takes flight and emits an array of color as it disappears in the sky.

Magic Crystal

Magic Crystal - Spins on the ground with sparks then launches into the air giving off silver sparks while screeching.

Normandy Landing Craft

Normandy Landing Craft - This is a boat named after the famed battleship that WWII was ended aboard. The boat moves forward and backward before shooting off its forward and rear guns and raising the stars and stripes amid a shower of multi colored sparks.