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Homeland Favorites

Twelve ball shells with assorted affects.


Twelve NEON ball shells with assorted affects.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers - 16 shot- Gaint golden willows with alternating shots that scatter crackling flowers across the sky. This cake ends with a 5 shot finale.

Blond Joke

Blond Joke - Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet, crackling tails and blue bouquets to crackling tails. 12 shots with a huge finale! 45 seconds in duration.

Glam Gala

Glam Gala - Silver chrysanthemums with red pearls, then golden crackling with red and green pearls, whistles, and silver crackling showers with yellow and green pearls

High Falutin’

High Falutin' - 49 shots of red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails are followed by a 14 shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flowers.

Hit the Road, Jack

Hit the Road, Jack - 49 shots of red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade, purple tails to delayed crackling and whistling tails to crackling flowers.

Keg Party

Keg Party - Emits colored chrys, multi-colored stars and finishes with crackling stars, becoming a ground spinner show.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish - 16 shots of alternating brocade and crackling flowers with a four shot finale.

Saturday Night Special

Saturday Night Special - 36 shots of comets, comet tails bursting to bouquets, gold and silver flying fish, spinners, whistling tails with reports, and comet tails to crackling bouquets. 6 shots of each effect.

Sound Doctrine

Sound Doctrine - Crackling tails to alternating purple stars with green, red, white and blue glitter, and blue star with crackling, intersperses with rows of V-shaped crackling comet tails and a four-shot finale of brocade with crackling star.

Top Fuel

Top Fuel - Witness the explosive power of Top Fuel with crackling stars to whistles, then red, green, and yellow flames to whistles. The car screams forward with white flowers, green flame, and whistles while glowing red hot.