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Firecracker 50 Strip

Firecracker 50 Strip - Strip of 50 firecrackers.

Firecracker 80/16 Brick

Firecracker 80/16 Brick - Brick of firecrackers. Consists of 80 strips of 16 firecrackers.

Firecracker Double Bombs #10000

Firecracker Double Bombs #10000 - Two string rolls of 2500 firecrackers for a total of 5000 firecrackers!

Firecracker Pack

Firecracker Pack - Pack of 16 firecrackers.

Flashing Thunder Roman Candles

Flashing Thunder Roman Candles - A six pack of Flashing Thunder Roman Candles. These 10 ball roman candles shoot out flaming balls with extremely loud reports.

Frozen Stare

Frozen Stare - All shots have silver spinners to silver wave to: 1. red, blue; 2. purple, green; 3. blue; 4. purple, green glitter; 5. red glitter, blue; 6. green glitter, lemon; 7. brocade crown

Full Power

Full Power - Snappers, 200g cakes, even mini artillery shells! - this smaller tray assortment covers all the bases!

Garden in Spring

Garden in Spring - Starts as a multi-colored fountain, ending with 7 color bursts.

Gold Sparkler 10″ Pack of 12

Gold Sparkler 10" Pack of 12 - 10" Gold sparkler with a bamboo wood handle. Each sparkler emits color sparks for 30 seconds.

Gold Sparklers Single

Gold Sparklers Single - 10" Gold sparklers. Each sparkler emits color sparks for 30 seconds.

Jumbo Twitter Glitter

Jumbo Twitter Glitter - Red & green fountain with silver glitter for 20 seconds and finishes with a rapid barrage of red and green balls and reports. (Fountain and a cake)

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip)

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip) - Spin rapidly and emit red and green sparks.

Jumping Jacks Brick (48/12)

Jumping Jacks Brick (48/12) - Spin rapidly and emit red and green sparks.


Leonardo - Crackling mine to colorful palm tree with white glitter.

Live Blast

Live Blast - Eight double-break mortar shots with varying effects!

M-5000 Salutes

M-5000 Salutes - Bigger sized firecrackers. Double the size and double the bang with a waterproof fuse.

Makin’ Fire

Makin' Fire - 6 Assorted triple break mortars with huge burts in the sky.


Michelangelo - Rising red palm tree to wave with crackling, gold tail to chrysanthemum.

New Small Bees

New Small Bees - Spins upwards and emits showers of sparks.

Political Chaos

Political Chaos - Red tiger tail to skyblue green glitter red glitter;green tiger tail to white glitter green glitter golden glitter.


Raphael - Rising red tail to brocade with red, green and blue.


Rebellion - This assortment contains sparklers, snaps, ground spinners, some small fountains, more than a dozen small to mid sized 200 gram cakes, two tubes, and a dozen Cutting Edge Artillery Shells. A great value that will keep you going and going.


Sharks - Silver green blue mine, golden glitter, silver green blue red glitter, silver green purple yellow glitter.

Shooter Shell Assortment

Shooter Shell Assortment - 18 Shot mortar. This is the newest mortar kit on the market with 18 different shells.