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Fountain with golden springs and color fish!


Purple, Lemon Golden Chry, Blue Silver, Blue Crackling, Red/Blue Crackling with whistle.

American Muscle

American Muscle - Color with gold glitter; red, green and blue with brocade; chrysanthemum with red and green, color mine with whistling.

Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation - Amazing palm comets out of each break. Truly a memorable performance.

Cyberspace Rockets

Cyberspace Rockets - 36 piece rocket assortment with 5 different size rockets!

Feel the Heat

Feel the Heat - Twelve shots of sparkling red, blue, purple, green lemon and white glitter explode from this 500-gram brute, crackling and glittering in the sky!

Fire Eyes

Fire Eyes - Sixteen shots of stunning red, gold, green, white, blue and glittery willow and brocade effects.

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water - Some of the most breath taking colors on the market. Looks as if it is colored lava. Beautiful reds, greens, gold, blues, purple with golden fish. Simply amazing.

Foreign Policy Maker

Foreign Policy Maker - Silver glitters, gold stars with silver chrysanthemum and flowers; ends with a sharp whistle finale. Lasts for 110 seconds!

Grave Digger

Grave Digger - Fires a 2-level effect with quick-paced brocade crown mines up to brocade crown breaks with red and green tips.


Greeeen - Like a gigantic green sparkler, this 500-gram powerhouse shoots 30 green bursts of sparks into the night sky!

Honor and Respect

Honor and Respect - White glitter, red, green and sky blue mine; sky blue and lemon; purple and green; orange and sea blue; sky blue and green; red and lemon; purple and orange.


Magic - This stunning 16 shot masterpiece features alternating multi-color brocade crowns and chrysanthemum effects that crackle and light up the night sky!

One Badd Axe

One Badd Axe - First 4 rows red dahlia with white glitter, last row red, green, yellow, blue, and purple with white glitter.

Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon - Vibrant colors of red, green fish to yellow, blue and purple fish. Very colorful fountain!

Night Saber

Night Saber - Hand held fountain with silver red and green chrysanthemum and stars, with a strobe-like performance!

Reign Supreme

Reign Supreme - Red blue lemon and gold glitter, brocade with blue and gold glitter, red blue jellyfish, red blue green and gold glitter.

The Whole 9 Yards

The Whole 9 Yards - 36 shots of crackling spinners with tail, to alternating palm and glitter bursts in purple, silver and white.

Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior - Stunning mines to brocades with red, white, and blue colors!

United States

United States - 44 shots of red palm tree and comet tail, blue comet tail, and multicolor fish; 44 shots of green palm with comet tail and purple comet tail; 5 shots of red tail to titanium and gold palm tree; 44 shots of brocade crown comet tail and orange comet tail; 5 shots blue with silver dragon tail; 49 shots whistling spinners; 5 shots brocade crown with crackling.

Widow Maker

Widow Maker - 16 shots of sparkling silver chrysanthemum, painted with colorful crackling palms!

#300 Max Blue Tube

#300 Max Blue Tube - Single-shot mortar tube. Image on packaging reflects the effect seen.

#300 Max Grey Tube

#300 Max Grey Tube - Single-shot mortar tube. Image on packaging reflects the effect seen.

#300 Max Green Tube

#300 Max Green Tube - Single-shot mortar tube. Image on packaging reflects the effect seen.