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It’s A Matter of Size

It's A Matter of Size - Proving that great performance can come from a smaller package size. Despite it's size, this little guy's provide a big delivery of noise.

Jet Screamer Rockets

Jet Screamer Rockets - Red wave, brocade crown and green wave cracking.

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls - Large version of the classic smoke ball.

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls Box

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls Box - 12 packs of 3 per box. Large version of the classic smoke ball.

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumbo M-5000

Jumbo M-5000 - Contains a bundle of firecrackers strung togather with a quick fuse.

Just Hanging

Just Hanging - 25 Shot of orange sparkler and white glitter sparkler.

Just Trippin’

Just Trippin' - Red, blue silver chrys. Purple, lemon crackling. Green, yellow golden chrys. Red, green crackling color fish.

Kids Delight

Kids Delight - Assortment of fountains and novelty items.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill - 18 shots red tail up to red, blue dahlia with silver glitter, red star, gold dahlia with green glitter, red star green dahlia with silver glitter. 12 shots red tail up to red stars with silver glitter, red star with green glitter. 6 shot red tail up to red star crackling.

Killer Bee

Killer Bee - A huge swarm of killer bees release from this fountain. Very intense visual.

King Arthur

King Arthur - 12 Mortar shot. Each shell is a different shot. Heights as much as 250 feet with a spread as wide as 200 feet.

Land of Free

Land of Free - Red, white and blue with reports.

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones - Great finale cake!! 33 shots with 5 effects in the air going 150-200 feet with stars, crackle, fish, pearls and Chrys.

M-5000 Salutes

M-5000 Salutes - Bigger sized firecrackers. Double the size and double the bang with a waterproof fuse.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA - Red, green white glitter/ red titanium rain, yellow, green silver crackle; yellow, green, cedar flower/ green titanium rain, red green, gold crackle; red, green, white chyrsanthemum; red titanium rain, yellow, green, silver crackle; yellow green yellow crackle

Magic Black Snakes

Magic Black Snakes - Small pellets, that when lit, grow into charcoal "snake" shapes.

Mighty Cracker

Mighty Cracker - A box of 100 individual firecrackers with a waterproof fuse.


Migraine - 3" 9 Shot with brocade crown with red tips, brocade crown with green tips, brocade crown with yellow tips, red to dahila.

Money Bags

Money Bags - Big and high 3" shots. Red glitter brocade, silver brocade, green glitter brocade, repeat, 3 shot finale red green brocade and crackle

Need For Speed

Need For Speed - One of the highest, fastest rockets with great color and long whistles.

Never Ending Fountain

Never Ending Fountain - With duration of over three and a half minutes, your friends will be impressed with your selection. Awesome reds, greens, gold and silver with plenty of glitter, crackle and whistles.

Night Stalker Bottle Rockets

Night Stalker Bottle Rockets - Whistling and crackling rocket with color.


Nightmare - Silver crackle, red sparkler, white chrys; dragon chrys and large crackle ball.