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One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother - 16 Shots of great color that go 150-200 feet in the air with breaks as wide as 150 feet.

One Bad Mother-in-Law

One Bad Mother-in-Law - 16 Shots with 32 different colors in the sky in a huge display of colored willows and crackles.


Paparazzi - Red, blue crackling pine needles to red, yellow & and blue pine needles.

Party Zone

Party Zone - Assortment of pull-string streamer items perfect for indoor celebrations!

Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak - It may be little but it packs a punch. Magnificent color with crackling flowers and whistles. This is a must have.


Psychedelic - Psychedelic is a colorful 500Gram Fountain with a variety of effects that lasts just over 2 minutes.


Punks - Great tool for lightedning your fireworks safely. Punks can be used for as a mosquito deterrent as well.

Pyramid of Power

Pyramid of Power - This assortment comes packed in a unique pyramid shape. Each pack has twelve, 10 ball roman candles with varying effects. Great variety, great performance and a great price!

Rainbow Launcher

Rainbow Launcher - Handheld fountain


Revolution - Safe and Sane Assortment.


Scarface - Red wintersweet, green wintersweet; white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; red rice flower, silver rice flower; long crackle, blue sparkler; whistle; dragon chrysanthemum, red sparkler.

Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon - 28 Inches in length with a 2 inch girth this is a large 5 shot roman candle that varies in color.

Shining Sky

Shining Sky - Mixed assortments including fountains, 200G cakes, saturn missiles, roman candles and more.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star - Finally it is here, an all comet effect in an artillery shell, the first one available in the class C market. Each box contains 6 shells. All shells have brilliant colorful tails that follow the breathtakingly beautiful comet that rises over 100 feet into the air.

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot - 6 Mortar shot. Each shell is a different shot. Heights as much as 250 feet with a spread as wide as 200 feet.


Sizzler - Safe and Sane assortment.

Sky Lantern White

Sky Lantern White - All-in-one lanterns in traditional white. Just unfold, light and watch them float away.

Sky Lanterns (Color)

Sky Lanterns (Color) - All-in-one lanterns in a variety of available colors. Just unfold, light and watch them float away.

Sky Lanterns (Patriot)

Sky Lanterns (Patriot) - Sky lanters with the print design of the American flag. Great for 4th of July, Memorial Day, and other memorial services and events.

Smiling Face

Smiling Face - 7 Shots with red stars, white glitter & small chrys.

Smiling From Ear to Ear Rockets

Smiling From Ear to Ear Rockets - This rocket gives you high performance while making a huge colorful smiling face.

Smoke Balls

Smoke Balls - Assortment of little clay balls that shoot out a cloud of smoke.

Snappers Box

Snappers Box - Throw them on a hard surface and get a large pop. A box contains 40 small boxes of these snappers.

Snappers Individual

Snappers Individual - Throw them on a hard surface and get a large pop.