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Gender Reveal Confetti Girl

Twist the bottom of the cannon to release a flurry of Pink Confetti!

Nishiki Heaven

Nine Massive shots of long hanging Nishiki Kamuro

Pink Smoke

All Pink smoke - perfect for reveal parties!


Fountain with golden springs and color fish!

Bad Boy

Bad Boy - 12 Shots of chicken blood red sparkler, white glitter sparkler, brocade crown & chicken blood red sparkler.

Chick Stick Smoke

Chick Stick Smoke - Pink colored smoke.

Devil’s Playground

Devil's Playground - 16 Shots of peach stars with lemon glitter, violet stars with green glitter, lemon stars with white glitter, orange stars with white glitter, gold stars with white glitter, gold stars with sea blue glitter, sea blue stars with lemon glitter ending with a 4 shot finale with timed rain.

Fluorescent Sparklers

Fluorescent Sparklers - Flourescent colored sparklers.

The Reveal (It’s a Girl)

The Reveal (It's a Girl) - 12 shots. It's a Girl lights up the sky in pink colors. Perfect for birth announcements and celebrations!