COVID-19 Updates

Here at The Fireworks Superstore, we empathize and understand that fireworks are essential, life-sustaining products. However, we must all recognize that they are not as high priority as others – like toilet paper.

But let’s be real. The safety and well-being of our families, friends, staff and customers always comes first.

Store Closures

We must all do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keep our friends, families, and loved ones safe. Therefore, effective immediately, our locations are closed for business until further notice.

In regards to when our stores will reopen, we will be looking to our state leadership in Pennsylvania for guidance. When it is deemed safe, reasonable and permissable to resume retail operations, we will do so at the first opportunity!

Firework Shortages

Firework products and components are primarily imported from China.

Over the past few months, the fireworks industry has been coping with constrained production and supplies.

In December, several explosions in Chinese firework factories, paired with the outbreak of coronavirus shortly thereafter, have wreaked havoc on the fireworks supply chain. Along with lessened supply, shipments of already produced fireworks are also seeing indefinite delays.

This is likely to cause shortages of firework products for the coming season across the industry as a whole. We predict this to be most apparent beginning in May.

Lastly, because of the current supply / demand situation, prices may begin to increase at U.S. distributors and retailers over the coming months.

It is difficult to determine yet – if and how much our pricing will change – but you can be assured that we will not engage in price gouging, and will do all we can to offer the best items and pricing.

Stay In Touch

Digitally, not literally please!

Status updates will continue to be available here, as well as on our social media channels.

We look forward to getting past this stressful time together, and to sharing plenty of glove-free, firm handshakes with everyone on the other side. Stay safe everyone!

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