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Blazing Pyro

Blazing Pyro - 16 Shots of red palms and blue palms with an intense alternating crackling gold pistil and glitter.

Crazy Exciting

Crazy Exciting - 25 Shots of red, green, white & crackling mine to red, green white and blue bouquet.

Desert at Night

Desert at Night - 7 Multi-colored shots ending in color bursts.

Evil Clown

Evil Clown - 16 shots of green brocades to crackle.


Evilicious - 16 Shots of red palms, green palms and yellow palms all with crackling.


Executioner - 9 Shots of Lemon tail brocade, red tail, red/blue/white glitter & yellow tail Chrysanthemum.

Feel the Pain

Feel the Pain - Silver comet tail, red palm with crackling, silver comet tail to green palm with crackling, silver comet tail to silver palm with crackling, silver comet tail to yellow palm with crackling.

Grapes Over Vineyard

Grapes Over Vineyard - 25 shots. Crackling dragon tails to multi-color.

High Energy

High Energy - 16 Crackling shots of king of brocade crown to tips of red, green and purple with titanium palm tree.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover - 25 Fast paced shots with a variety of color bursts and a double finale.


Jaw-Breaker - 12 Shots of bright yellow that morph into red, blue & green, followed by 8 shots of purple stars and scatter crackling with a finale of scatter crackle, yellow stars and crackling tails.

Just Hanging

Just Hanging - 25 Shot of orange sparkler and white glitter sparkler.

Little Italy

Little Italy - 16 shots. Red peony with red tail, silver peony with silver tail, blue peony with blue tail.

My Little Friend

My Little Friend - 16 shots of strobing tails to gold chrysanthemum with multi-colored tips and a 4 shot finale.

That’s Your Problem

That's Your Problem - Twirling aerials that bursts into large canopy of multi colors in varous shapes.

It’s a Boy (The Reveal)

The Reveal (It's a Boy) - 12 shots. It's a Boy lights up the sky in blue colors. Perfect for birth announcements and celebrations!

It’s a Girl (The Reveal)

The Reveal (It's a Girl) - 12 shots. It's a Girl lights up the sky in pink colors. Perfect for birth announcements and celebrations!