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Hit the Road, Jack

Hit the Road, Jack - 49 shots of red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade, purple tails to delayed crackling and whistling tails to crackling flowers.

Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave - Massive 3" shells burst into blue peony breaks with a white pistil and red tip alternating with breaks of violet peony with a white pistil and green tip.

Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover - 25 Fast paced shots with a variety of color bursts and a double finale.

House Special

House Special - 9 Heavy shots of colored mines to glitter breaks.

It’s A Matter of Size

It's A Matter of Size - Proving that great performance can come from a smaller package size. Despite it's size, this little guy's provide a big delivery of noise.


Jaw-Breaker - 12 Shots of bright yellow that morph into red, blue & green, followed by 8 shots of purple stars and scatter crackling with a finale of scatter crackle, yellow stars and crackling tails.

Jumbo Twitter Glitter

Jumbo Twitter Glitter - Red & green fountain with silver glitter for 20 seconds and finishes with a rapid barrage of red and green balls and reports. (Fountain and a cake)

Just Hanging

Just Hanging - 25 Shot of orange sparkler and white glitter sparkler.


Kaleidoscope - 8 Multi-colored shot

Kill Bill

Kill Bill - 18 shots red tail up to red, blue dahlia with silver glitter, red star, gold dahlia with green glitter, red star green dahlia with silver glitter. 12 shots red tail up to red stars with silver glitter, red star with green glitter. 6 shot red tail up to red star crackling.

Kung Pao

Kung Pao - 30 fast paced shots of red, green, sky blue, lemon and purple dahlia with silver chrysan.

Land of Free

Land of Free - Red, white and blue with reports.


Leonardo - Crackling mine to colorful palm tree with white glitter.

Little Italy

Little Italy - 16 shots. Red peony with red tail, silver peony with silver tail, blue peony with blue tail.

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones - Great finale cake!! 33 shots with 5 effects in the air going 150-200 feet with stars, crackle, fish, pearls and Chrys.

Machine Gun

Machine Gun - A great hard hitting loud 9 shot cake. 2 inch shots of red wave, green glitter, blue peony, and red, white, and blue peony.


Made - 16 loud shots of alternating green and red bursts with silver crossettes and green and blue bursts with silver crossettes. Ends in a 3 shot finale of green, red, and blue with delayed intense crackling. Heavy reports.


Michelangelo - Rising red palm tree to wave with crackling, gold tail to chrysanthemum.


Migraine - 3" 9 Shot with brocade crown with red tips, brocade crown with green tips, brocade crown with yellow tips, red to dahila.

Money Bags

Money Bags - Big and high 3" shots. Red glitter brocade, silver brocade, green glitter brocade, repeat, 3 shot finale red green brocade and crackle

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Moo Goo Gai Pan - 19 Shot with 3 whistles, blue, red white glitter, red, yellow, green glitter, silver willow color peony.

My Little Friend

My Little Friend - 16 shots of strobing tails to gold chrysanthemum with multi-colored tips and a 4 shot finale.

On the Lamb

On the Lamb - 20 shots of crackling chrysanthemum flood the sky repeatedly.

One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother - 16 Shots of great color that go 150-200 feet in the air with breaks as wide as 150 feet.