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Leonardo - Crackling mine to colorful palm tree with white glitter.

Little Italy

Little Italy - 16 shots. Red peony with red tail, silver peony with silver tail, blue peony with blue tail.

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones - Great finale cake!! 33 shots with 5 effects in the air going 150-200 feet with stars, crackle, fish, pearls and Chrys.

Machine Gun

Machine Gun - A great hard hitting loud 9 shot cake. 2 inch shots of red wave, green glitter, blue peony, and red, white, and blue peony.


Made - 16 loud shots of alternating green and red bursts with silver crossettes and green and blue bursts with silver crossettes. Ends in a 3 shot finale of green, red, and blue with delayed intense crackling. Heavy reports.


Michelangelo - Rising red palm tree to wave with crackling, gold tail to chrysanthemum.


Migraine - 3" 9 Shot with brocade crown with red tips, brocade crown with green tips, brocade crown with yellow tips, red to dahila.

Money Bags

Money Bags - Big and high 3" shots. Red glitter brocade, silver brocade, green glitter brocade, repeat, 3 shot finale red green brocade and crackle

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Moo Goo Gai Pan - 19 Shot with 3 whistles, blue, red white glitter, red, yellow, green glitter, silver willow color peony.

My Little Friend

My Little Friend - 16 shots of strobing tails to gold chrysanthemum with multi-colored tips and a 4 shot finale.

On the Lamb

On the Lamb - 20 shots of crackling chrysanthemum flood the sky repeatedly.

One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother - 16 Shots of great color that go 150-200 feet in the air with breaks as wide as 150 feet.

One Bad Mother-in-Law

One Bad Mother-in-Law - 16 Shots with 32 different colors in the sky in a huge display of colored willows and crackles.

Paulie 2 Times

Paulie 2 Times - Golden tail to red coconut, then gold to green coconut. Repeated 8 times.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish - 16 shots of alternating brocade and crackling flowers with a four shot finale.

Political Chaos

Political Chaos - Red tiger tail to skyblue green glitter red glitter;green tiger tail to white glitter green glitter golden glitter.

Pyro Appetite

Pyro Appetite - 16 Shots of lemon stars with red glitter, sea blue stars with green glitter, violet stars with green glitter, glittering willows with red and green glitter ending in a 4 shot finale of peonies with green, sea blue and lemon glitter.


Raphael - Rising red tail to brocade with red, green and blue.

Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge - Red tail to red, white and blue peony. Blue tail to brocade crown to silver peony.

Rising Force

Rising Force - 16 Shots of silver glittering tail rising up to red and blue peonies with white strobe and crackle with a 3 shot finale.

Road Show

Road Show - 20 Shots of crackling chrysanthemums.

Saturday Night Special

Saturday Night Special - 36 shots of comets, comet tails bursting to bouquets, gold and silver flying fish, spinners, whistling tails with reports, and comet tails to crackling bouquets. 6 shots of each effect.


Sharks - Silver green blue mine, golden glitter, silver green blue red glitter, silver green purple yellow glitter.

Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher - 16 Shots of brocades with tips changing to blue, red and green, with silver chrys.