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Frosty Mug Of Beer

Frosty Mug Of Beer - Over 2 min. running. Silver pine needs with gold & yellow. Red & green crackling chrys followed by loud whisling and crackles.

Glam Gala

Glam Gala - Silver chrysanthemums with red pearls, then golden crackling with red and green pearls, whistles, and silver crackling showers with yellow and green pearls

Just Trippin’

Just Trippin' - Red, blue silver chrys. Purple, lemon crackling. Green, yellow golden chrys. Red, green crackling color fish.

Keg Party

Keg Party - Emits colored chrys, multi-colored stars and finishes with crackling stars, becoming a ground spinner show.

Killer Bee

Killer Bee - A huge swarm of killer bees release from this fountain. Very intense visual.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA - Red, green white glitter/ red titanium rain, yellow, green silver crackle; yellow, green, cedar flower/ green titanium rain, red green, gold crackle; red, green, white chyrsanthemum; red titanium rain, yellow, green, silver crackle; yellow green yellow crackle

Malibu Madness

Malibu Madness - Surfs Up!! This fountain has loud whistles followed by golden showers with silver stars that make you feel like you're riding a wave!

Never Ending Fountain

Never Ending Fountain - With duration of over three and a half minutes, your friends will be impressed with your selection. Awesome reds, greens, gold and silver with plenty of glitter, crackle and whistles.


Nightmare - Silver crackle, red sparkler, white chrys; dragon chrys and large crackle ball.


Paparazzi - Red, blue crackling pine needles to red, yellow & and blue pine needles.

Perfect Silence

Perfect Silence - Red & green perals; silver glitters; orange pearls; purple paddy blossoms.

Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak - It may be little but it packs a punch. Magnificent color with crackling flowers and whistles. This is a must have.

Pirate Sword

Pirate Sword - Handheld fountain that showers gold sparks with purple pearls, changing to gold and silver showers!


Psychedelic - Psychedelic is a colorful 500Gram Fountain with a variety of effects that lasts just over 2 minutes.

Rainbow Launcher

Rainbow Launcher - Handheld fountain


Scarface - Red wintersweet, green wintersweet; white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; red rice flower, silver rice flower; long crackle, blue sparkler; whistle; dragon chrysanthemum, red sparkler.


Showtime - It͂s Showtime!! Silver showers adding red, green, and purple balls. Whistle. Then gold and silver flashing fountain adding red stars. Whistle. Gold showers with purple and green balls. Ending in a barrage of crackling stars!

Sound Not Included

Sound Not Included - Golden Chrysanthemum; green pearls; white chrysanthemum; golden pine; blue pearls; multi colorful beads


Tadpoles - Two miniature versions of the Frog Prince and Frog Princess fountains.

Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow - Red, green, yellow, purple & blue fish effects. Then it changes into multi-colored fish effects.

Whistling Color Cuckoo

Whistling Color Cuckoo - Silver crackle/red sparkler, white chry/green sparkler, golden glitter/red sparkler, phoenix tail chry. Lasts almost 2 minutes!

Zen Master

Zen Master - Small fountians in a veriety of colors.