Novelties are small fireworks devices with limited amounts of pyrotechnic material and many of them are some of the most fun and interesting of all fireworks items. These are great for kid’s birthday parties.

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12″ Fluorescent Sparklers 5 Pack

Five bright colored sparklers with different effects.

Blue Smoke

All Blue smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Color Smoke Balls 12 Pack

Clay smoke balls, the way they used to be made.

Gender Reveal Confetti Boy

Twist the bottom of the cannon to release a flurry of Blue Confetti!

Gender Reveal Confetti Girl

Twist the bottom of the cannon to release a flurry of Pink Confetti!

Patriot Sticks

Long lasting handheld mini fountain/sparkler

Pink Smoke

All Pink smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Pulling Fireworks

Box of 12. Pull the two strings for a loud pop!

Whistling Chaser w/ Report

Whistles as it jets across the ground and then reports two times.

14″ Morning Glory

14" Morning Glory - Long burning flitter sparkler that burns with many colors with a torch-like effect.

20″ Gold Sparklers

20" Gold Sparklers - 20" Gold sparkler with a bamboo wood handle. Emits sparks for 30 seconds.

36″ Gold Sparklers

36" Gold Sparklers - 36" version of the classic gold metal sparklers. 4 per pack.

36″ Morning Glory

36" Morning Glory - Multi color changing sparklers. Lasts for almost 3 minutes and changes colors 3 times and crackles as it burns.