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Patriot Rockets

Red green glitter, white glitter, red daliha with crackling, red to green to star ball.

Cyberspace Rockets

Cyberspace Rockets - 36 piece rocket assortment with 5 different size rockets!

Air Time Rockets

Air Time Rockets - Get some serious air with this high flying rocket assortment. Huge palm tree bursts in a variety of different colors.

Bad Ass Rockets

Bad Ass Rockets - Assortment of 4 large canister sized rockets with large bursts and crackles.

Gr-8 Rockets

Gr-8 Rockets - This six pack of high flying rockets is certainly going to get your party started. Enjoy HUGE colorful green, purple, white, and yellow bursts with beautiful time rain and glitter!

Griz Thriller Rockets

Griz Thriller Rockets - Rockets with the following effects. Happy face; red and silver ring with crackling pistil; brocade wave ring with red palm pistil; brocade wave ring with green palm pistil; double rings with crackling pistil.

Jet Screamer Rockets

Jet Screamer Rockets - Red wave, brocade crown and green wave cracking.

Over the Top

Over the Top - A massive variety of high power rockets puts any backyard display well above the competition. Over the top and top of the line!

Recon Rockets

Recon Rockets - Three different effects rockets in 1 package: red wave, green wave, brocade crown!

Smiling From Ear to Ear Rockets

Smiling From Ear to Ear Rockets - This rocket gives you high performance while making a huge colorful smiling face.