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Blue Me Away

Blue Me Away - All blue in color, this fountain has countless crackle effects and blue stars - awesome from start to finish!

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' - Barrages of red, green and silver crackling stars, changing to gold and green flashing stars - to silver strobing stars.

#3 Cone Fountain

#3 Cone Fountain - Assorted color fountains.

#4 Cone Fountain

#4 Cone Fountain - Assorted color fountains.

#8 Cone Fountain

#8 Cone Fountain - Assorted color fountains.

2 Hour Punk

2 Hour Punk - Punks that last an hour or more!

14″ Morning Glory

14" Morning Glory - Long burning flitter sparkler that burns with many colors with a torch-like effect.

19″ Punks

19" Punks - Used to light fireworks at ta safer distance.

20″ Gold Sparklers

20" Gold Sparklers - 20" Gold sparkler with a bamboo wood handle. Emits sparks for 30 seconds.

36″ Gold Sparklers

36" Gold Sparklers - 36" version of the classic gold metal sparklers. 4 per pack.

36″ Morning Glory

36" Morning Glory - Multi color changing sparklers. Lasts for almost 3 minutes and changes colors 3 times and crackles as it burns.

5 Minute Smoke

5 Minute Smoke - 5 Minutes of white smoke.

Angel’s Kiss

Angel's Kiss - Red, yellow & blue crackling with red & blue pine needles & red, green & yellow chrysanthenum then red strobe with silver spring.

Assorted Snakes

Assorted Snakes - Assortment of classic black snake. Comes with 2 boxes of glow worms, 2 boxes of colored snakes and 2 boxes of classic black snakes.

Baby Magic Blooms Pack

Baby Magic Blooms - OLD SCHOOL JUMPING JACKS! These original (larger sized) jacks perform just the way you remember them - spinning and jumping around the way they were always meant to!


Behemoth - Over 25 feet in the air. Crackles with reds, blues, golds, silvers & greens.

Big Fire

Big Fire - These small packets are used on campfires. When applied, your fires burns in various cool colors!

Big Smoke Grenade

Big Smoke Grenade - Jumbo smoke grenade that changes colors! Just pull the string and this grenade will get started.


Caesar - Safe and sane assortment.

Call Me

Call Me - A fountain of colors & effects that include chrys, sparklers & rice flowers with whistle.

Camellia Flower

Camellia Flower - Spins on the ground throwing a vivan array of colorful sparkles.

Champagne Party Poppers

Champagne Party Poppers - Comes in a variety of colors. Each piece comes with a pull string a when engaged emits colorful confetti streamers.