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Ground Bloom Flowers 12 Pack

Ground Bloom Flowers 12 Pack - Spins powerfully on the fround in a flower pattern that changes color from red to green to yellow multiple times.

Happy Lamp

Happy Lamp - Hang this item, light it and it spins and opens up into a paper lantern that can be saved to be hung up for later viewing.

Ice Fountains

Ice Fountains - Smokeless fountain sparklers, perfect as cake sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers.

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls - Large version of the classic smoke ball.

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls Box

Jumbo Color Smoke Balls Box - 12 packs of 3 per box. Large version of the classic smoke ball.

Jumbo Crackling Balls

Jumbo Crackling Balls - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box

Jumbo Crackling Balls Box - Emits showers and sparks and crackling effects.

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip)

Jumping Jacks (48 Strip) - Spin rapidly and emit red and green sparks.

Jumping Jacks Brick (48/12)

Jumping Jacks Brick (48/12) - Spin rapidly and emit red and green sparks.

Just Trippin’

Just Trippin' - Red, blue silver chrys. Purple, lemon crackling. Green, yellow golden chrys. Red, green crackling color fish.

Kids Delight

Kids Delight - Assortment of fountains and novelty items.

Killer Bee 4 Pack

Killer Bee - A huge swarm of killer bees release from this fountain. Very intense visual.

Lotus Lantern

Lotus Lantern - Spins on the ground, grows up into a lantern shape while throwing a vibrant array of colorful sparkles.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA - Red, green white glitter/ red titanium rain, yellow, green silver crackle; yellow, green, cedar flower/ green titanium rain, red green, gold crackle; red, green, white chyrsanthemum; red titanium rain, yellow, green, silver crackle; yellow green yellow crackle

Magic Black Snakes

Magic Black Snakes - Small pellets, that when lit, grow into charcoal "snake" shapes.

Malibu Madness

Malibu Madness - Surfs Up!! This fountain has loud whistles followed by golden showers with silver stars that make you feel like you're riding a wave!

Normandy Landing Craft

Normandy Landing Craft - This is a boat named after the famed battleship that WWII was ended aboard. The boat moves forward and backward before shooting off its forward and rear guns and raising the stars and stripes amid a shower of multi colored sparks.

Never Ending Fountain

Never Ending Fountain - With duration of over three and a half minutes, your friends will be impressed with your selection. Awesome reds, greens, gold and silver with plenty of glitter, crackle and whistles.

Oriental Express

Oriental Express - Begins with whistling mixed with a colorful barrage of red and green pearls into the air. This is followed by an explosion of white flittering flowers and finished up with a loud whistle from its horn.


Paparazzi - Red, blue crackling pine needles to red, yellow & and blue pine needles.

Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak - It may be little but it packs a punch. Magnificent color with crackling flowers and whistles. This is a must have.

Poopy Puppy

Poopy Puppy - Does exactly what you think it does


Psychedelic - Psychedelic is a colorful 500Gram Fountain with a variety of effects that lasts just over 2 minutes.


Punks - Great tool for lightedning your fireworks safely. Punks can be used for as a mosquito deterrent as well.