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10 Ball Crackling Roman Candles

Crackling Roman candle 10 shots with super crackling effect

1000 Gram Display

The biggest, baddest, boldest display!  It’s fast, colorful, and scintillating and fills the entire sky with a barrage of effects.  Match this cake with 1000 Gram Finale for a truly magnificent display and finale.

12″ Fluorescent Sparklers 5 Pack

Five bright colored sparklers with different effects.

Bad Boy Crackers

A box of 100 individual firecrackers with a waterproof fuse.

Blue Smoke

All Blue smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Cocktail Party

Huge gold breaks with red tips, and titanium palms with blue beads.

Color Smoke Balls 12 Pack

Clay smoke balls, the way they used to be made.