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10 Ball Crackling Roman Candles

Crackling Roman candle 10 shots with super crackling effect

1000 Gram Display

The biggest, baddest, boldest display!  It’s fast, colorful, and scintillating and fills the entire sky with a barrage of effects.  Match this cake with 1000 Gram Finale for a truly magnificent display and finale.

12″ Fluorescent Sparklers

Five bright colored sparklers with different effects.

Bad Boy Crackers

A box of 100 individual firecrackers with a waterproof fuse.

Beer Pack

This fountain is for every beer lover. Great individually or by the six pack. Great height, plenty of crackle and beautiful gold, silver and red colors.

Blue Smoke

All Blue smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Clay Smoke Balls 12pc

Clay smoke balls, the way they used to be made.

Cocktail Party

Huge gold breaks with red tips, and titanium palms with blue beads.

Cruelty Devil

Cruelty Devil a 33 shot barrage of various color stars with tail to peony and falling leaves, and brocade to crackling.

Demon Shells

24 Pack canister shell kit containing 2 of each of the following effects: white glitter, sea blue and red glitter; brocade crown to blue tips; brocade crown to massive crackle; red dahlia with white glitter; lemon white glitter gold; brocade crown to red tips; sea blue and purple with gold glitter; silver coconut with red peony; sky blue; brocade crown with green glitter; red white and blue peony; brocade crown to green tips.


Dynamite-sized crackers. When lit each cracker explodes into a loud barrage of bangs...not once but 2 times.

Dyno-Mighty-Mite Bundle

One Package contains 7 dynamite-sized crackers. When lit each cracker explodes into a loud barrage of bangs...not once but 2 times.

Furious Static

21 Shots of gold palm with green and lemon, brocade crown with red strobe, gold palm with red and orange, brocade crown and white strobe, gold spider with red and green.

Gender Reveal Confetti Boy

Twist the bottom of the cannon to release a flurry of Blue Confetti!

Gender Reveal Confetti Girl

Twist the bottom of the cannon to release a flurry of Pink Confetti!

Hear This

Red glittering willow; huge golden palm trees with white strobe; red dahlia w/ silver coconut.

Homeland Favorites

Twelve ball shells with assorted affects.


198 Shot zipper with rapid multi-color bursts, ending with 3 large vivid color peony breaks.

Launch Pad

Red and green sparkler + crackling, silver spinner to red sparkler and green sparkler + crackling with green tail.

M-5000 Crackling Roman Candles

If you love crackle, we have what you need. The M 5000 Crackling Candle is full of crackle and fun.

Machine Gun Roman Candle

Red green star to chrysanthemum. 280 shots.


204 Shot zipper with impressive multi-shots with crakling tails and glitter, ending with a barrage of crackling and glittering brocades.

Night Life

Golden tail to red, green, blue, white sparkler.