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Nishiki Heaven

Nine Massive shots of long hanging Nishiki Kamuro

Nuke Active

White glittering w/ color dahlia; golden chrys. w/ green dahlia and red glittering; brocade crown to red tips w/ sky blue dahlia; golden chrys. w/ color dahlia; white glittering w/ red and sky blue; golden chrys. w/ red coco. pistil; green / sky blue / lemon and red glittering; at the end, brocade crown w/ white glittering and golden chrys. w/ color dahlia.

Patriot Rockets

Red green glitter, white glitter, red daliha with crackling, red to green to star ball.

Patriot Sticks

Long lasting handheld mini fountain/sparkler

Pink Smoke

All Pink smoke - perfect for reveal parties!

Pro Canister Shells

Each kit contains 4 HDPE mortars and 24 different max load 60 gram canister shells. Each shell is labelled with the effect. Contains Lemon Peony, Pink Peony, Blue Peony, Orange Peony, Grass Green Peony, Purple Peony, Brocade Crown with Green Glittering, Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum, Brocade to Blue, Red Dahlia with White Glittering, Multi-color Peony with Crackle and Jumbo Crackling.

Pulling Fireworks

Box of 12. Pull the two strings for a loud pop!


Twelve NEON ball shells with assorted affects.

Shark Slayer

12 Impressive assorted effect 1.75" ball shells.

Stone Cold Crazy

24 Shots of red pearls and white strobe with red tail, fan shaped brocade crown and blue pearls with blue tail, green pearls and golden strobe with blue tail, fan shaped red pearls and white strobe waterfall with red tail, fan shaped brocade crown and red strobe with blue tail, red and blue chrysanthemum with red tail.

The Stunning Shells

Over 6 1/2 feet tall, this kit contains single, double and triple break shells plus canister shells. 100 shells and 176 breaks in total. Includes 10 tubes.


Fountain with golden springs and color fish!


Purple, Lemon Golden Chry, Blue Silver, Blue Crackling, Red/Blue Crackling with whistle.

Whistling Chaser w/ Report

Whistles as it jets across the ground and then reports two times.

American Muscle

American Muscle - Color with gold glitter; red, green and blue with brocade; chrysanthemum with red and green, color mine with whistling.

Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation - Amazing palm comets out of each break. Truly a memorable performance.

Black Box Artillery Shells

Black Box Artillery Shells - A six pack of assorted colors and effects, this shell kit is still manufactured in the original 1.75" ball design!

Blue Me Away

Blue Me Away - All blue in color, this fountain has countless crackle effects and blue stars - awesome from start to finish!

Bug Eyed

Bug Eyed - You won't know where to look when you go with Bug Eyed! This 86-shot monster features red, green, yellow and gold bursts that whistle and explode into the night sky. No celebration is complete unless your audience goes a bit Bug Eyed!

Chasing Booty

Chasing Booty - Sky-blue mine to pigeon blood red and white glitter; brocade crown mine; brocade crown and green dahlia, red dahlia; brocade crown mine, brocade crown and green glitter; brocade crown mine, brocade with crackling.

Cyberspace Rockets

Cyberspace Rockets - 36 piece rocket assortment with 5 different size rockets!

Day Break

Day Break - Long lasting 25 shot cake. Silver tail to pink with white strobe, silver tail to purple palm with crackle, silver tail to dark red with time rain, purple tail to red strobe with crackle, purple tail to purple with time rain, purple tail to white strobe with crackle, purple tail to blue with time rain.


Doomsday - Spinners with red falling leaves, golden tail with red, green and blue chrysanthemum, whistle with green leaves, crackling silver fish, golden tail with red, green and blue brocade.

Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood - A long duration 25 shot cake. Red tail to red and blue stars with white strobe, red tail to silver palm with crackle, silver tail to time rain with silver palm, 3 stage whistle to crackle, yellow tail to blue star with crackle, yellow tail to gold strobe with crackle