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Live Blast

Live Blast - Eight double-break mortar shots with varying effects!

Lock & Load Artillery Shells

Lock & Load Artillery Shells - THEY'RE BACK! You have to see the size of these bursts to believe them! An ultimate combination of 24 totally different canisters and effects make this a must-have kit!

Makin’ Fire

Makin' Fire - 6 Assorted triple break mortars with huge burts in the sky.

Need For Speed

Need For Speed - One of the highest, fastest rockets with great color and long whistles.

Over the Top

Over the Top - A massive variety of high power rockets puts any backyard display well above the competition. Over the top and top of the line!


Psychedelic - Psychedelic is a colorful 500Gram Fountain with a variety of effects that lasts just over 2 minutes.

Pyramid of Power

Pyramid of Power - This assortment comes packed in a unique pyramid shape. Each pack has twelve, 10 ball roman candles with varying effects. Great variety, great performance and a great price!


Rebellion - This assortment contains sparklers, snaps, ground spinners, some small fountains, more than a dozen small to mid sized 200 gram cakes, two tubes, and a dozen Cutting Edge Artillery Shells. A great value that will keep you going and going.

Shining Sky

Shining Sky - Mixed assortments including fountains, 200G cakes, saturn missiles, roman candles and more.

Shooter Shell Assortment

Shooter Shell Assortment - 18 Shot mortar. This is the newest mortar kit on the market with 18 different shells.

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot - 6 Mortar shot. Each shell is a different shot. Heights as much as 250 feet with a spread as wide as 200 feet.

Sniper Shell Assortment

Sniper Shell Assortment - 24 shot canister mortar kit. Fires up to 250 feet in height with massive colorful bursts.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes - An assortment of fountains, snall cakes and even some artillery shells.

Stellar Jets

Stellar Jets - Four oversized rockets with very large brusts of color.

Super Magnum Shells

Super Magnum Shells - 12 Different mortars goes up 150 feet.

Super Magnum Shells w/ Tail

Super Magnum Shells w/ Tail - 12 Different mortars. Crackling dragon tails follow wach mortar as it ascends into the air. (150 feet)

Team Sniper

Team Sniper - This assortment includes four 200G cakes (Crazy Exciting, Just Hanging, Hostile Takeover, Grapes Over Vineyard) and a 6 shot Artillery Shell kit.

The Instigator

The Instigator - 84 Different shells and includes an astounding 10 tubes. This kit includes 24 single break shells, 16 double break shells, 12 triple break shells & 12 quadruple break shells.

The King

The King - An assortment with over 20 different items from small foutains, small aerial items to artillery mortars.


Wacked - 16 loud shots of multiple effects. Gold crossettes; blue, green and red, crackling, with a 3 shot quickened finale. This cake has it all. Heavy reports

What A Girl Wants Backpack

What A Girl Wants Backpack - Convenient, affordable, reusable, age appropriate. Lipstick & cell phone fountains, chickens, snappers, confetti throwers and more. And after the fireworks are gone, she'll still have a pink backpack left. She's gonna love it, no doubt.

What Boys Are Made Of Backpack

What Boys Are Made Of Backpack - Convenient, affordable, reusable, age appropriate. Smoke balls, snappers, confetti, M-5000 firecrackers, fountains and more. And he'll have a handy backpack left when the party's done. Your one-stop grab-bag for that little guy in your life.

Zeus Artillery Shells

Zeus Artillery Shells - Neon mortars with singles, doubles, triples and quad shots.