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1000 Gram Display

The biggest, baddest, boldest display!  It’s fast, colorful, and scintillating and fills the entire sky with a barrage of effects.  Match this cake with 1000 Gram Finale for a truly magnificent display and finale.

Cruelty Devil

Cruelty Devil a 33 shot barrage of various color stars with tail to peony and falling leaves, and brocade to crackling.


198 Shot zipper with rapid multi-color bursts, ending with 3 large vivid color peony breaks.

Machine Gun Roman Candle

Red green star to chrysanthemum. 280 shots.


Fountain with golden springs and color fish!

Blue Me Away

Blue Me Away - All blue in color, this fountain has countless crackle effects and blue stars - awesome from start to finish!


Sentinel - Red Mine to White Glitter Star, Whistle to Red Wave with White Glitter, Blue Mine to Red Glitter, Whistle to Green Wave Gold Glitter, Blue Tail to Orange Sky Blue White Glitter, with a Crackling Tail to Gold Chrysanthemum Finale

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' - Barrages of red, green and silver crackling stars, changing to gold and green flashing stars - to silver strobing stars.

10 Ball Mini Roman Candles

10 Ball Mini Roman Candles - Don't let the size full you with these candles! These 10 shotters come 12 per pack and pack plenty of punch!

10 Ball Roman Candles

10 Ball Roman Candles - The traditional romam candle. Shoots 10 flaming white balls per candle.

100 Shot Magical Shots Barrage

100 Shot Magical Shots Barrage - Brightly colored perals quickly fly into the air.

4 Assorted Roman Candles

4 Assorted Roman Candles - 4 Different types of roman candles in one package.

5 Ball Assorted Roman Candles

5 Ball Assorted Roman Candles - Like firing mini mortars into the sky! Each candle fires five shots into the sky that burst with various effects!

5 Ball Roman Candles

5 Ball Roman Candles - Traditional roman candle, shooting 5 white flaming balls per candle.

At It Again

At It Again - 9 Shot of green tail, purple green glitter, blue tail to blue star with gold glitter, silver tail palm with report.

Balls Of Fire Roman Candle

Balls Of Fire Roman Candle - Impress friends with this massive roman candle with 210 shots!

Blond Joke

Blond Joke - Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet, crackling tails and blue bouquets to crackling tails. 12 shots with a huge finale! 45 seconds in duration.

Boiling Point

Boiling Point - 16 Shots of colorful stars with silver glitter.

Break Out

Break Out - Alternating bursts of red star mines to big crackling burst; white glitter mine to big crackling burst and blue star mines to big crackling burst.

Color Pearl w/ Bang Roman Candles

Color Pearl w/ Bang Roman Candles - 10 Shot with Bang and Report

Devil’s Playground

Devil's Playground - 16 Shots of peach stars with lemon glitter, violet stars with green glitter, lemon stars with white glitter, orange stars with white glitter, gold stars with white glitter, gold stars with sea blue glitter, sea blue stars with lemon glitter ending with a 4 shot finale with timed rain.

Flippin’ Awesome

Flippin' Awesome - Silver fountain, crossette with blue star & chrys with blue star.

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets - 200 Feet in air, is made to mimic butterflies, has different colors and dancing effects.

Friend of Ours

Friend of Ours - 12 shots of vibrant yellow transform to red, green and blue. Then 8 shots of purple stars and scatter crackle, ending with crackling tails and yellow stars.