Products Used in This Display

1000 Gram Display

The biggest, baddest, boldest display!  It’s fast, colorful, and scintillating and fills the entire sky with a barrage of effects.  Match this cake with 1000 Gram Finale for a truly magnificent display and finale.

3 Sheets to the Wind

3 Sheets to the Wind - Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and white glitter; Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and sky blue; Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and lemon yellow.

Demon Canister Shells

24 Pack canister shell kit containing 2 of each of the following effects: white glitter, sea blue and red glitter; brocade crown to blue tips; brocade crown to massive crackle; red dahlia with white glitter; lemon white glitter gold; brocade crown to red tips; sea blue and purple with gold glitter; silver coconut with red peony; sky blue; brocade crown with green glitter; red white and blue peony; brocade crown to green tips.

Feel the Heat

Feel the Heat - Twelve shots of sparkling red, blue, purple, green lemon and white glitter explode from this 500-gram brute, crackling and glittering in the sky!

Hear This

Red glittering willow; huge golden palm trees with white strobe; red dahlia w/ silver coconut.

High Falutin’

High Falutin' - 49 shots of red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold or purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails are followed by a 14 shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flowers.

Jawbreaker 5″ Super Canister Shells

Jawbreaker 5" Super Canister Shells - AWESOME 5″ canister shell kit. HUGE and LOUD breaks, with more color changing shells than many other 5" kits. A must have for the serious shooter.

Just Hanging

Just Hanging - 25 Shot of orange sparkler and white glitter sparkler.

Night Life

Golden tail to red, green, blue, white sparkler.

One Bad Mother-in-Law

One Bad Mother-in-Law - 16 Shots with 32 different colors in the sky in a huge display of colored willows and crackles.


Twelve NEON ball shells with assorted affects.

Sniper Shell Assortment

Sniper Shell Assortment - 24 shot canister mortar kit. Fires up to 250 feet in height with massive colorful bursts.

Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior - Stunning mines to brocades with red, white, and blue colors!

Warning Avalanche Ahead

Warning Avalanche Ahead - Red tail to blue red dahlia, green tail to purple sparkler, lemon and green sparkler, blue tail to blue green sparkler, green sparkler to red glitter, golden tail to red and white glitter, golden tail to red and silver chrysanthemum, golden tail to brocade blue and red glitter.