Not sure what to get? Assortments may be your best bet! With different sizes and arrangements, Firework Assortments “do the shopping for you” and make sure that you get a balance of the essential pyrotechnics necessary for a satisfying and thrilling firework display.

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American Envy

American Envy - What a DEAL! This large aerial kit includes six 500G aerial repeaters, three 200G repeaters, and two top-notch mortar kits!

Backyard Boogie

Backyard Boogie - A family pack assortment at a great price! Contains a little something for everyone!

Biggen Assortment

Biggen Assortment - This assortment includes; 9 500 gram cakes, 12 large 200 gram cakes and 5 different artillery shells.

Bone Shaker

Bone Shaker - This massive assortment includes 18 cakes and 66 different shells!


Caesar - Safe and sane assortment.


Dazzler - Safe and Sane assortment with over 40 fuses to individually light.

Full Power

Full Power - Snappers, 200g cakes, even mini artillery shells! - this smaller tray assortment covers all the bases!

Great Night Extravaganza

Great Night Extravaganza - This large assortment includes everything you will need for a good time. From novelty items for the kids all the way to artillery shells for that big bang everyone loves, the Great Night Extravaganza will be a sure crowd pleaser.

Kids Delight

Kids Delight - Assortment of fountains and novelty items.

Mixx it up #3

Mixx it up #3 - Sane and Sane assortment,.

Party Zone

Party Zone - Assortment of pull-string streamer items perfect for indoor celebrations!


Rebellion - This assortment contains sparklers, snaps, ground spinners, some small fountains, more than a dozen small to mid sized 200 gram cakes, two tubes, and a dozen Cutting Edge Artillery Shells. A great value that will keep you going and going.


Revolution - Safe and Sane Assortment.

Shining Sky

Shining Sky - Mixed assortments including fountains, 200G cakes, saturn missiles, roman candles and more.


Sizzler - Safe and Sane assortment.

Star Power

Star Power - Extra large sized fountain assortment that contains several 100 gram fountains and an array of smaller fountains and sparklers.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes - An assortment of fountains, snall cakes and even some artillery shells.

Team Sniper

Team Sniper - This assortment includes four 200G cakes (Crazy Exciting, Just Hanging, Hostile Takeover, Grapes Over Vineyard) and a 6 shot Artillery Shell kit.

The King

The King - An assortment with over 20 different items from small foutains, small aerial items to artillery mortars.


Thriller - Safe and Sane assortment.

What A Girl Wants Backpack

What A Girl Wants Backpack - Convenient, affordable, reusable, age appropriate. Lipstick & cell phone fountains, chickens, snappers, confetti throwers and more. And after the fireworks are gone, she'll still have a pink backpack left. She's gonna love it, no doubt.

What Boys Are Made Of Backpack

What Boys Are Made Of Backpack - Convenient, affordable, reusable, age appropriate. Smoke balls, snappers, confetti, M-5000 firecrackers, fountains and more. And he'll have a handy backpack left when the party's done. Your one-stop grab-bag for that little guy in your life.