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Patriot Rockets

Red green glitter, white glitter, red daliha with crackling, red to green to star ball.

Cyberspace Rockets

Cyberspace Rockets - 36 piece rocket assortment with 5 different size rockets!

4 oz. Rockets

4 oz. Rockets - Classic star rocket with eye catching colors.

8 oz. Rockets

8 oz. Rockets - Classic star rocket with eye catching colors.

Air Time Rockets

Air Time Rockets - Get some serious air with this high flying rocket assortment. Huge palm tree bursts in a variety of different colors.

Clustering Bee Rockets

Clustering Bee Rockets - 200 Feet bursts and mimics bees swarming in nature with yellow color.

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets

Flying Color Butterfly Rockets - 200 Feet in air, is made to mimic butterflies, has different colors and dancing effects.

Glitterious Lights Rockets

Glitterious Lights Rockets - 200 Feet strobes and lights flashing with a glitter effect.

Jet Screamer Rockets

Jet Screamer Rockets - Red wave, brocade crown and green wave cracking.

Moon Traveler Bottle Rockets

Moon Traveler Bottle Rockets - This classic rocket gives you height with a report.

Night Stalker Bottle Rockets

Night Stalker Bottle Rockets - Whistling and crackling rocket with color.

Smiling From Ear to Ear Rockets

Smiling From Ear to Ear Rockets - This rocket gives you high performance while making a huge colorful smiling face.

Stellar Jets

Stellar Jets - Four oversized rockets with very large brusts of color.

Whistling Moon Travelers w/ Report

Whistling Moon Travelers w/ Report - The classic bottle rocket that whistes with a report.

Wild Geese Rockets

Wild Geese Rockets - 200 Feet bursts that produce star effects designded to mimic flight sound of a flook of geese, has different colors.