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Nishiki Heaven

Nine Massive shots of long hanging Nishiki Kamuro

3″ One Bad Mother

3" One Bad Mother - Huge shots of alternating gold willow with multiple blooming crackling flowers enhanced with gold willow followed by quickened final 3 shots.

Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave - Massive 3" shells burst into blue peony breaks with a white pistil and red tip alternating with breaks of violet peony with a white pistil and green tip.


Migraine - 3" 9 Shot with brocade crown with red tips, brocade crown with green tips, brocade crown with yellow tips, red to dahila.

Money Bags

Money Bags - Big and high 3" shots. Red glitter brocade, silver brocade, green glitter brocade, repeat, 3 shot finale red green brocade and crackle