Imagine a beautiful water fountain in front of a grand hotel, shooting up choreographed jets of water. Now, imagine the same visual effect, but made with colorful streams of sparks – these are fountain fireworks. You can turn your event into something truly majestic with this type of pyrotechnic item that is created to rest on the ground or stage and spew out showers of sparks for onlookers’ enjoyment. Individual firework fountains range in length 5 seconds to 60 seconds or more. One of the largest fountains on the consumer firework market features a behemoth 500 grams of pyrotechnic compounds and lasts a full minute and a half.  For a longer display of fountain fireworks, many can be fused together to light up in sequence.

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Fountain with golden springs and color fish!


Purple, Lemon Golden Chry, Blue Silver, Blue Crackling, Red/Blue Crackling with whistle.

Blue Me Away

Blue Me Away - All blue in color, this fountain has countless crackle effects and blue stars - awesome from start to finish!

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water - Some of the most breath taking colors on the market. Looks as if it is colored lava. Beautiful reds, greens, gold, blues, purple with golden fish. Simply amazing.

Foreign Policy Maker

Foreign Policy Maker - Silver glitters, gold stars with silver chrysanthemum and flowers; ends with a sharp whistle finale. Lasts for 110 seconds!

Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon - Vibrant colors of red, green fish to yellow, blue and purple fish. Very colorful fountain!

Night Saber

Night Saber - Hand held fountain with silver red and green chrysanthemum and stars, with a strobe-like performance!

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' - Barrages of red, green and silver crackling stars, changing to gold and green flashing stars - to silver strobing stars.

#3 Cone Fountain

#3 Cone Fountain - Assorted color fountains.

#4 Cone Fountain

#4 Cone Fountain - Assorted color fountains.

#8 Cone Fountain

#8 Cone Fountain - Assorted color fountains.

Angel’s Kiss

Angel's Kiss - Red, yellow & blue crackling with red & blue pine needles & red, green & yellow chrysanthenum then red strobe with silver spring.


Behemoth - Over 25 feet in the air. Crackles with reds, blues, golds, silvers & greens.

Call Me

Call Me - A fountain of colors & effects that include chrys, sparklers & rice flowers with whistle.

Colorful Dream

Colorful Dream - Green/silver chry; blue happy flower; red palm; green and white pine flowers; crackling chrys with red/yellow and blue pearls.

Cracker Barrel 4 Pack

Cracker Barrel - Emits colored sparks and showers.

Flippin’ Awesome

Flippin' Awesome - Silver fountain, crossette with blue star & chrys with blue star.