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California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' - Barrages of red, green and silver crackling stars, changing to gold and green flashing stars - to silver strobing stars.

3 Sheets to the Wind

3 Sheets to the Wind - Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and white glitter; Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and sky blue; Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and lemon yellow.

4″ Conic Cone

4" Conic Cone - Emits showers of green, gold, and silver stars up to 8 feet!

Air Time Rockets

Air Time Rockets - Get some serious air with this high flying rocket assortment. Huge palm tree bursts in a variety of different colors.

Bombs Away Quad Banger

Bombs Away Quad Banger - Each shell includes 4 totally different effects that separate in the sky to different points before bursting into a multitude of color and loud reports.

Boom Sticks

Boom Sticks - One Package contains 7 dynamite-sized crackers. When lit each cracker explodes into a loud barrage of bangs...not once but 2 times.

Break Out

Break Out - Alternating bursts of red star mines to big crackling burst; white glitter mine to big crackling burst and blue star mines to big crackling burst.

Crackling Thunder

Crackling Thunder - Gigantic bursts of silver coconut; red coconut; sky blue with white glitter, green glitter and silver chrysanthemum; silver coconut and sky blue; lemon, green and loud shock waves of silver chrysanthemum; ending with sepctacular loud crackling time rain.

Dixie Dynamite

Dixie Dynamite - Pack of the loudest firecrackers on the market. Double the size and double the bang with a waterproof fuse.

Gr-8 Rockets

Gr-8 Rockets - This six pack of high flying rockets is certainly going to get your party started. Enjoy HUGE colorful green, purple, white, and yellow bursts with beautiful time rain and glitter!

Lock & Load Artillery Shells

Lock & Load Artillery Shells - THEY'RE BACK! You have to see the size of these bursts to believe them! An ultimate combination of 24 totally different canisters and effects make this a must-have kit!

Malibu Madness

Malibu Madness - Surfs Up!! This fountain has loud whistles followed by golden showers with silver stars that make you feel like you're riding a wave!

Pirate Sword

Pirate Sword - Handheld fountain that showers gold sparks with purple pearls, changing to gold and silver showers!

Red Rascals

Red Rascals - 1" SALUTE canister shells. These small shells have NO DISPLAY OR COLORS. They are intended for noise only, and pack quite a punch for their size!

Screaming Eagles

Screaming Eagles - A jumbo red, white and blue parachute that drifts to the ground as it crackles or smokes with a moveable army man attached. The kids will love this hot item!


Showtime - It͂s Showtime!! Silver showers adding red, green, and purple balls. Whistle. Then gold and silver flashing fountain adding red stars. Whistle. Gold showers with purple and green balls. Ending in a barrage of crackling stars!

Star Blazer

Star Blazer - Spirals upward about 50 feet and explodes into a large blast

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity - Big alternating shots of blue tail to deep purple with white glitter and blue tail to deep purple with green glitter.