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California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' - Barrages of red, green and silver crackling stars, changing to gold and green flashing stars - to silver strobing stars.

3 Sheets to the Wind

3 Sheets to the Wind - Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and white glitter; Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and sky blue; Blue tail to gigantic bursts of orange and lemon yellow.

Air Time Rockets

Air Time Rockets - Get some serious air with this high flying rocket assortment. Huge palm tree bursts in a variety of different colors.

Bombs Away Quad Banger

Bombs Away Quad Banger - Each shell includes 4 totally different effects that separate in the sky to different points before bursting into a multitude of color and loud reports.

Crackling Thunder

Crackling Thunder - Gigantic bursts of silver coconut; red coconut; sky blue with white glitter, green glitter and silver chrysanthemum; silver coconut and sky blue; lemon, green and loud shock waves of silver chrysanthemum; ending with sepctacular loud crackling time rain.

Lock & Load Artillery Shells

Lock & Load Artillery Shells - THEY'RE BACK! You have to see the size of these bursts to believe them! An ultimate combination of 24 totally different canisters and effects make this a must-have kit!

Malibu Madness

Malibu Madness - Surfs Up!! This fountain has loud whistles followed by golden showers with silver stars that make you feel like you're riding a wave!

Red Rascals

Red Rascals - 1" SALUTE canister shells. These small shells have NO DISPLAY OR COLORS. They are intended for noise only, and pack quite a punch for their size!

Screaming Eagles

Screaming Eagles - A jumbo red, white and blue parachute that drifts to the ground as it crackles or smokes with a moveable army man attached. The kids will love this hot item!

Star Blazer

Star Blazer - Spirals upward about 50 feet and explodes into a large blast