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Just Hanging

Just Hanging - 25 Shot of orange sparkler and white glitter sparkler.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA - Red, green white glitter/ red titanium rain, yellow, green silver crackle; yellow, green, cedar flower/ green titanium rain, red green, gold crackle; red, green, white chyrsanthemum; red titanium rain, yellow, green, silver crackle; yellow green yellow crackle

New Small Bees

New Small Bees - Spins upwards and emits showers of sparks.

Oriental Express

Oriental Express - Begins with whistling mixed with a colorful barrage of red and green pearls into the air. This is followed by an explosion of white flittering flowers and finished up with a loud whistle from its horn.


Paparazzi - Red, blue crackling pine needles to red, yellow & and blue pine needles.

Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge - Red tail to red, white and blue peony. Blue tail to brocade crown to silver peony.

Rising Force

Rising Force - 16 Shots of silver glittering tail rising up to red and blue peonies with white strobe and crackle with a 3 shot finale.


Scarface - Red wintersweet, green wintersweet; white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; red rice flower, silver rice flower; long crackle, blue sparkler; whistle; dragon chrysanthemum, red sparkler.

Single 10 Ball Mini Roman Candle

Single 10 Ball Mini Roman Candle - Don't let the size full you with these candles! These 10 shotters pack plenty of punch!

Sky Lantern White

Sky Lantern White - All-in-one lanterns in traditional white. Just unfold, light and watch them float away.

Sky Lanterns (Patriot)

Sky Lanterns (Patriot) - Sky lanters with the print design of the American flag. Great for 4th of July, Memorial Day, and other memorial services and events.

Small Smoke Grenades

Small Smoke Grenades - Small Smoke grenade with a fuse.

Snow Blind

Snow Blind - 16 Shots of red tail rising up to red, green and blue dahlia and white strobe with a 3 shot finale

Sound Not Included

Sound Not Included - Golden Chrysanthemum; green pearls; white chrysanthemum; golden pine; blue pearls; multi colorful beads


Tadpoles - Two miniature versions of the Frog Prince and Frog Princess fountains.


Vengeance - 12 Shots of red tails rising up to red, green and purple coconut and white strobe with a 3 shot finale.

Warning Avalanche Ahead

Warning Avalanche Ahead - Red tail to blue red dahlia, green tail to purple sparkler, lemon and green sparkler, blue tail to blue green sparkler, green sparkler to red glitter, golden tail to red and white glitter, golden tail to red and silver chrysanthemum, golden tail to brocade blue and red glitter.