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Never Ending Fountain

Never Ending Fountain - With duration of over three and a half minutes, your friends will be impressed with your selection. Awesome reds, greens, gold and silver with plenty of glitter, crackle and whistles.

New Small Bees

New Small Bees - Spins upwards and emits showers of sparks.

Night Stalker Bottle Rockets

Night Stalker Bottle Rockets - Whistling and crackling rocket with color.

One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother - 16 Shots of great color that go 150-200 feet in the air with breaks as wide as 150 feet.

One Bad Mother-in-Law

One Bad Mother-in-Law - 16 Shots with 32 different colors in the sky in a huge display of colored willows and crackles.

Oriental Express

Oriental Express - Begins with whistling mixed with a colorful barrage of red and green pearls into the air. This is followed by an explosion of white flittering flowers and finished up with a loud whistle from its horn.


Paparazzi - Red, blue crackling pine needles to red, yellow & and blue pine needles.

Paratrooper in Action Box

Paratrooper in Action Box - 4 Pack. Plastic toy soldiers hang on 10" parachutes, with crackling stars to draw your attention.

Paratrooper in Action Singles

Paratrooper in Action Singles - A plastic toy soldier hangs on a 10" parachute, with crackling stars to draw your attention.

Perfect Fuse

Perfect Fuse - Fuse used to create delays in the rate of firing multiple fireworks links together. Burns 10 seconds per foot.

Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak - It may be little but it packs a punch. Magnificent color with crackling flowers and whistles. This is a must have.

Poopy Puppy

Poopy Puppy - Does exactly what you think it does


Psychedelic - Psychedelic is a colorful 500Gram Fountain with a variety of effects that lasts just over 2 minutes.


Punks - Great tool for lightedning your fireworks safely. Punks can be used for as a mosquito deterrent as well.

Pyramid Roman candles Pack

Pyramid of Power - This assortment comes packed in a unique pyramid shape. Each pack has twelve, 10 ball roman candles with varying effects. Great variety, great performance and a great price!

Pyro Appetite

Pyro Appetite - 16 Shots of lemon stars with red glitter, sea blue stars with green glitter, violet stars with green glitter, glittering willows with red and green glitter ending in a 4 shot finale of peonies with green, sea blue and lemon glitter.

Quick Fuse

Quick Fuse - Fuse used to fire multiple fireworks simultaneously. Burns .04 seconds per foot (instant).

Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge - Red tail to red, white and blue peony. Blue tail to brocade crown to silver peony.

Red Rascals

Red Rascals - 1" SALUTE canister shells. These small shells have NO DISPLAY OR COLORS. They are intended for noise only, and pack quite a punch for their size!

Rising Force

Rising Force - 16 Shots of silver glittering tail rising up to red and blue peonies with white strobe and crackle with a 3 shot finale.


Scarface - Red wintersweet, green wintersweet; white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; red rice flower, silver rice flower; long crackle, blue sparkler; whistle; dragon chrysanthemum, red sparkler.

Screaming Eagles

Screaming Eagles - A jumbo red, white and blue parachute that drifts to the ground as it crackles or smokes with a moveable army man attached. The kids will love this hot item!


Sharks - Silver green blue mine, golden glitter, silver green blue red glitter, silver green purple yellow glitter.

Single 10 Ball Mini Roman Candle

Single 10 Ball Mini Roman Candle - Don't let the size full you with these candles! These 10 shotters pack plenty of punch!