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Nuke Active

White glittering w/ color dahlia; golden chrys. w/ green dahlia and red glittering; brocade crown to red tips w/ sky blue dahlia; golden chrys. w/ color dahlia; white glittering w/ red and sky blue; golden chrys. w/ red coco. pistil; green / sky blue / lemon and red glittering; at the end, brocade crown w/ white glittering and golden chrys. w/ color dahlia.

Salute to the Flag 5″ Super Cans

Salute to the Flag 5" Super Cans - These ENORMOUS 5-INCH, 60 gram canister shells are produced by Pyro Demon - and they are hard to beat! Assorted pack of 24 shells and 4 tubes. This is the year to one-up the neighbors!


Sentinel - Red Mine to White Glitter Star, Whistle to Red Wave with White Glitter, Blue Mine to Red Glitter, Whistle to Green Wave Gold Glitter, Blue Tail to Orange Sky Blue White Glitter, with a Crackling Tail to Gold Chrysanthemum Finale

The Haunting

The Haunting - Whistles to Red Wave & White Flash, Whistles to Green Wave & White Flash, Whistles to Purple Wave & White Flash

Adults Only

Adults Only - Green tail to whistle, red tail to red star white glitter.

At It Again

At It Again - 9 Shot of green tail, purple green glitter, blue tail to blue star with gold glitter, silver tail palm with report.

Bad Boy

Bad Boy - 12 Shots of chicken blood red sparkler, white glitter sparkler, brocade crown & chicken blood red sparkler.

Battle on Mulberry St

Battle on Mulberry St - 16 loud shots of alternating red, green, yellow, and blue with glitter with a 3 shot finale of gold crossettes and loud crackle. Heavy reports.

Blazing Pyro

Blazing Pyro - 16 Shots of red palms and blue palms with an intense alternating crackling gold pistil and glitter.

Boiling Point

Boiling Point - 16 Shots of colorful stars with silver glitter.

Break Out

Break Out - Alternating bursts of red star mines to big crackling burst; white glitter mine to big crackling burst and blue star mines to big crackling burst.

Call Me

Call Me - A fountain of colors & effects that include chrys, sparklers & rice flowers with whistle.

Courtesy of The Red, White & Blue

Courtesy of The Red, White & Blue - 9 Shots of red dahlia sparkler, blue dahlia sparkler, white glitter sparkler then a brocade crown, white glitter sparkler & silver chrys.

Crackling Thunder

Crackling Thunder - Gigantic bursts of silver coconut; red coconut; sky blue with white glitter, green glitter and silver chrysanthemum; silver coconut and sky blue; lemon, green and loud shock waves of silver chrysanthemum; ending with sepctacular loud crackling time rain.

Devil’s Playground

Devil's Playground - 16 Shots of peach stars with lemon glitter, violet stars with green glitter, lemon stars with white glitter, orange stars with white glitter, gold stars with white glitter, gold stars with sea blue glitter, sea blue stars with lemon glitter ending with a 4 shot finale with timed rain.


Donatello - Rising green palm tree to green palm with red glitter, rising red palm tree to red with chrysanthemum.


Executioner - 9 Shots of Lemon tail brocade, red tail, red/blue/white glitter & yellow tail Chrysanthemum.

Frisky Starburst

Frisky Starburst - Golden rain, green star with white glittering then golden strobe. Blue stars with golden rain and red stars.

Frozen Stare

Frozen Stare - All shots have silver spinners to silver wave to: 1. red, blue; 2. purple, green; 3. blue; 4. purple, green glitter; 5. red glitter, blue; 6. green glitter, lemon; 7. brocade crown

General Tso

General Tso - 12 loud breaks of red and sky blue stars with white glitter to purple and demon green stars with white glitter to red and lemon stars to white glitter to red and lemon stars with white

Glitterious Lights Rockets

Glitterious Lights Rockets - 200 Feet strobes and lights flashing with a glitter effect.

Gorilla Warfare

Gorilla Warfare - 30 Shots with pryotechnic effects of blue mines with red dahlia with white glittering.

Gr-8 Rockets

Gr-8 Rockets - This six pack of high flying rockets is certainly going to get your party started. Enjoy HUGE colorful green, purple, white, and yellow bursts with beautiful time rain and glitter!

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty - 7 heavy-duty shots of red and demon green stars to white glitter, sky blue and demon green stars to white glitter, red and demon green stars to white glitter.