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96 Shot Color Pearl Flower

96 Shot Color Pearl Flower - 96 Shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars.

American Rhythm

American Rhythm - 156 Shots of red, white and blue.

Color Pearl w/ Bang Roman Candles

Color Pearl w/ Bang Roman Candles - 10 Shot with Bang and Report

Colorful Dream

Colorful Dream - Green/silver chry; blue happy flower; red palm; green and white pine flowers; crackling chrys with red/yellow and blue pearls.

Glam Gala

Glam Gala - Silver chrysanthemums with red pearls, then golden crackling with red and green pearls, whistles, and silver crackling showers with yellow and green pearls

Jumbo Twitter Glitter

Jumbo Twitter Glitter - Red & green fountain with silver glitter for 20 seconds and finishes with a rapid barrage of red and green balls and reports. (Fountain and a cake)

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones

Loyal to None Skull & Crossbones - Great finale cake!! 33 shots with 5 effects in the air going 150-200 feet with stars, crackle, fish, pearls and Chrys.

Oriental Express

Oriental Express - Begins with whistling mixed with a colorful barrage of red and green pearls into the air. This is followed by an explosion of white flittering flowers and finished up with a loud whistle from its horn.

Perfect Silence

Perfect Silence - Red & green perals; silver glitters; orange pearls; purple paddy blossoms.

Pirate Sword

Pirate Sword - Handheld fountain that showers gold sparks with purple pearls, changing to gold and silver showers!

Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon - 28 Inches in length with a 2 inch girth this is a large 5 shot roman candle that varies in color.

Snow & Red Plum Rockets

Snow & Red Plum Rockets - These rockets produce bright color pearl bursts high in the sky.

Sound Not Included

Sound Not Included - Golden Chrysanthemum; green pearls; white chrysanthemum; golden pine; blue pearls; multi colorful beads